sia abrasifs

Abrasifs JJS Inc. imports abrasives from sia Abrasives since 1984.

This Swiss company is one of the world's leading suppliers of abrasives. They have more than 140 years of expertise, unsurpassed innovativeness and one of the most comprehensive ranges of products including solutions for all materials, a wide range of applications and abrasives in all shapes and forms.

They have industrial expertise and are familiar with the process steps of our customers from industry to craft trades. With sia Abrasives products, we offer the right sanding solution for any kind of materials.


Abrasifs JJS Inc. is the exclusive importer of products provided by Lamello in Canada. This Swiss company is a leader in precision joining systems for furniture and cabinets worldwide.

The invention of the original biscuits in 1955 by Lamello gives it worldwide recognition. Large quantities of these biscuits are produced even today.

Lamello has continuously developed and launched several innovations. As leader manufacturer of precision joining system, Lamello set new standards with the P-System and their biscuit joiners and the invisible connection system Invis. Lamello has received several prizes and awards for their innovations, including prestigious awards from Interzum.


Abrasifs JJS Inc. is the exclusive importer of Pro-Flex, a Danish sanding brush manufacturer and supplier.

Sanding brushes are mainly used for profiles in the wood industry and in composites as well.

They could be used in all machines and with all core drums. Therefore, if you already have a sanding brushes core, then we have the brushes that will fit in this core.

Pro-Flex also produce “Use and Throw away sanding brushes”. Their lightweight are ideal for manual sanding.

Why choose Abrasifs JJS

Abrasives JJS offers you a range of high quality and innovative products dedicated to the manufacturing industry, from bodybuilders and retailers. We have sanding solutions tailored to your particular needs, regardless of the type of surface to be treated.

If the name of Abrasives JJS is respected in the field of abrasives, it is thanks to its team: an experienced staff, proud of the work done in which the company wants to renew its confidence for a prosperous future. We believe that it is essential that everyone is well informed, trained and treated with fairness and transparency. We recognize the accomplishments of our employees on a personal or team level and the deployment of their creative and innovative potential for the benefit of the company's results.