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1920 siawood TopTec

Developed for hardwood and varnishes (unsaturated-polyester)

The new TopTec generation of abrasive belts from sia Abrasives marks another milestone in the development of application-optimized abrasive belts that offer major customer benefits.

They achieve outstanding sanding results and excellent surface quality by combining several key assets – a controlled coating process, belt joints that are individually matched to the application and the abrasive backing, and antistatic properties based on an innovative production process.

  • flush sanding of edges, edge strips and protrusions
  • calibrating, medium and fine sanding of surfaces
  • medium to fine sanding of solid and veneered surfaces
  • intermediate sanding of polyester varnishes
  • flatting of edges and rabbets
The following properties refer to the materials used in the main application
Removal Rate
Very High
Very Long
Very Good
Very Rigid
Highly Flexible
  • high surface quality when sanding hard wood
  • low dust adhesion on the abrasive belt, work piece and machine thanks to the anti-static treatment
  • optimized applicationspecific belt joints
  • high material removal rate and fine surface finishing of hardwood in all grit ranges
  • high surface quality using fine grit sizes
  • Grit : semi-friable aluminium oxide
  • Coating : electrostatic closed
  • Bonding : synthetic resin
  • Backing : f-wt paper
  • Grit range : P060 – P400
Available forms
  • Discs
  • Strips
  • Rolls
  • Hard wood
  • Wood base materials
Application area
Combined wide belt sanding
Contact wide belt sanding
Cross belt sanding
Edge belt sanding
Pad wide belt sanding
Pressure beam sanding
Stroke belt sanding

Product finder


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