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1950 siaspeed siafast

Thanks to the innovative abrasive structure and very high quality materials, significantly better removal values are obtained.

The consistently impressive results are characterised by maximising stock removal.

Movie on siaspeed

  • Sanding off of coatings and impurities
  • Sanding out of unevenness at the edges of repaired surfaces
  • Flatting of bodyfiller and primer filler
  • Fine sanding of primer filler
  • Keying of old and new varnishes
The following properties refer to the materials used in the main application
Removal Rate
Very High
Very Long
Very Good
Very Rigid
Highly Flexible
  • Very high stock removal rates and excellent finish
  • Performance-enhancing grit mix with ceramic corundum in 40 - 80 grit range
  • Minimal clogging thanks to open coating in 220 - 600 grit range
  • Extremely long lifetime
  • Available with innovative FiboTec multi-hole air chamber backing
  • Lower abrasive consumption
  • Versatile all-round product with an attractive range of options
  • Grit : mixed grit types, semifriable aluminium oxide, aluminium oxide
  • Coating : electrostatic
  • Bonding : synthetic resin
  • Backing : paper or film
  • Grit range : 040 – 1500
Available forms
  • Discs
  • Sheets
  • Strips
  • Rolls
  • Aluminum
  • Body fillers
  • Lacquers and paints
  • Plastics
  • Primer filler
  • Steel sheet
Application area
Hand sanding
Random orbital sander

Product finder


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