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7241 siacarbon

The measurable time-saving saves you money

Extremely fast sanding of hard surfaces thanks to state-of-the-art diamond technology. Less work interruptions due to optimisation of the sanding and work processes. The discs can be quickly and easily positioned. Cleaning and finishing work is avoided, which also noticeably minimises costs and the time required.

The significantly reduced material expenditure

Material consumption is considerably reduced as a result of the extremely long lifetimes without clogging. Much less abrasive is required.

The sensational sanding finish

The form and structure of the siacarbon abrasive enable a sensational sanding finish and the best scratch depth values. Minimal risk of sanding through on edges, and a pleasant sanding feel. Dust is extracted over the entire surface. This results in improved work conditions and considerably higher safety in the process.

  • hard factory primers
  • scratch-resistant lacquers
  • gelcoat (polyester and epoxy)
  • primers (epoxy)
  • hard fillers
  • primer and melamine films
The following properties refer to the materials used in the main application
Removal Rate
Very High
Very Long
Very Good
Very Rigid
Highly Flexible
  • excellent performance on hard materials
  • very good lifetime and removal rate thanks to state-of-the-art diamond technology
  • increased efficiency due to measurable time-saving
  • full-surface dust extraction
  • Grit : diamond
  • Coating : special process
  • Bonding : synthetic resin
  • Grit range : K240, K320, K500
Available forms
  • Discs
  • Aluminum
  • Lacquers and paints
  • Plastics
Application area
Random orbital sander

Product finder


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