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Wood leaftlets

Marketing leaftlets: WOOD

1719 sialac

1719 sialac - Best surface quality on soft varnishes

1730 sialac

1730 sialac - For long life in industrial lacquer sanding applications

1909 siawood

1909 siawood - The abrasive for universal wood sanding

1918 sialac

1918 sialac - The lacquer sanding professional with optimum removal rate and long lifetime

1919 siawood+

1919 siawood+ - Next-generation professional abrasives

1948 siaflex

1948 siaflex - Maximum flexibility for use on wood, varnish and paint

2909 siawood

2909 siawood - reliable sanding of solid wood and panel materials

Belt sanding

Belt sanding - Solid wood, veneer, wood-based materials and varnishes

Film sanding belts

Film sanding belts - 1950 siaspeed for perfect high-gloss surfaces


sianet - The powerful net-backed abrasive


siasponge - Full of colour, free of solvent

Solid surfaces

Solid surfaces - Sanding and polishing solid surface materials


Wood - Finishing systems for solid wood, wood-based materials and varnishes

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2988 & 6130 siamop

Thursday, August 6 2020

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Festool Discs

Wednesday, March 11 2020

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Intermediate Pad for the FESTOOL

Wednesday, March 11 2020

A perfect dust extraction with the new Festool Intermediate Pad

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