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Wood leaftlets

Marketing leaftlets: WOOD

1719 sialac

1719 sialac - Best surface quality on soft varnishes

1729 sialac

1729 sialac - developed for professional intermediate sanding between coats of varnish

1730 sialac

1730 sialac - For long life in industrial lacquer sanding applications

1749 siaral

1749 siaral - developed for sanding fibre boards and solid wood

1909 siawood

1909 siawood - The abrasive for universal wood sanding

1918 sialac

1918 sialac - The lacquer sanding professional with optimum removal rate and long lifetime

1919 siawood

1919 siawood - for hand and handmachine sanding

1919 siawood

1919 siawood - Abrasive belts for perfect surfaces

1919 siawood+

1919 siawood+ - Next-generation professional abrasives

1920 siawood

1920 siawood - Developed for hardwood and varnishes (UP)

1939 siawood

1939 siawood - for wood that smears or wood containing oil or resin

1948 siaflex

1948 siaflex - Maximum flexibility for use on wood, varnish and paint

1970 siacol

1970 siacol - a new experience for the painter

2909 siawood

2909 siawood - reliable sanding of solid wood and panel materials

2920 siawood

2920 siawood - Abrasive belts for perfect surfaces

2933 siatur

2933 siatur - Developed for soft and resinous wood

Belt sanding

Belt sanding - Solid wood, veneer, wood-based materials and varnishes

FiboTec multi-hole

FiboTec multi-hole - An idea borrowed from nature. The innovation by sia Abrasives

Film sanding belts

Film sanding belts - 1950 siaspeed for perfect high-gloss surfaces

Foam Abrasives

Foam Abrasives - for perfect surfaces


Pro-Flex - Multi-Flex sanding brushes & Pro-Flex sanding brushes

Profile sanding systems

Profile sanding systems

Sanding systems for paints and lacquers

Sanding systems for paints and lacquers


sianet - The powerful net-backed abrasive


siasponge - Full of colour, free of solvent

Solid surfaces

Solid surfaces - Sanding and polishing solid surface materials


TopTec - Outstanding – The new generation of sia abrasive belts


Wood - Finishing systems for solid wood, wood-based materials and varnishes

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Tuesday, April 16 2019

Abrasifs JJS is now the official importer of Lamello products

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Thursday, February 14 2019

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