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Marketing leaftlets: automotive and composites

1913 siawat

1913 siawat - For quality wet sanding

1940 siacar

1940 siacar - A fast, effortless and efficient way to a perfect finish

1948 siaflex

1948 siaflex - Flexibility for any application

1950 siaspeed

1950 siaspeed - At full speed to a perfect surface

1958 siapro

1958 siapro - For automotive body painters. for you. the PRO.

5550 siaprime

5550 siaprime - setting new standards

6120 siavlies speed

6120 siavlies speed - fast and consistent finishing

6711 siafleece flex

6711 siafleece flex - The flexible one, for even finishing applications

7241 siacarbon

7241 siacarbon - The harder, the more efficient!

7940 siaair

7940 siaair - High-gloss varnishes and solid surfaces

Aerodynamic pad

Aerodynamic pad


Aerospace - Abrasive systems for the aerospace industry

Aluminium Surface Grinding

Aluminium Surface Grinding


Automotive - Sanding systems for the automotive industry


Automotive - Sanding systems for the automotive industry

Coatings and Composites

Coatings and Composites - Perfect abrasive solutions for coatings and composites


Composites - Swiss high-tech abrasives for composite fi bre materials

FiboTec multi-hole

FiboTec multi-hole - An idea borrowed from nature. The innovation by sia Abrasives

Flexible hand block

Flexible hand block - The solution for shaping

Foam Abrasives

Foam Abrasives - for perfect surfaces


siacarat - for sanding of scratch resistant surfaces


siachrome - The polishing system – fast, simple, brilliant


sianet - The powerful net-backed abrasive

sianet - abrasive discs

sianet - abrasive discs - Reducing downtime with sianet


siasponge - Full of colour, free of solvent

Spectrum Wheels

Spectrum Wheels - Metal Finishing Solutions

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Abrasifs JJS is now the official importer of Lamello products

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